Houses, Bars, Cafes, Offices and Much More

SSP has built up a massive catalogue of some of Melbourne’s most admired, iconic and unique homes through our recent years of prolific television commercial production.

All these homes have been sourced directly from the owners, and because of the care we have taken during shoots and the spotless condition in which we leave these houses, they have allowed us to showcase their homes for other TVC, photography and video shoots.

As we act for the owners, location prices are considerably lower than sourcing locations via more traditional sources. An SSP representative is on-site for the duration of the shoot, and ensures smooth operations throughout, including leaving the house in conditions to everyone’s satisfaction.

Many homes are in Melbourne’s most sought-after suburbs such as Toorak, Malvern, Brighton, Caulfield and St Kilda. They may feature swimming pools, gardens, tennis courts, extensive el fresco areas and specialty rooms such as theatre rooms and gymnasiums. The vast majority of homes on offer are inner East, South East and Bayside.

We have an extensive portfolio of photos of each available home, as well as vision of TVCs that have been filmed at each, so you can see how the location looks on camera.

In addition to homes Silver Spoon Productions has filmed at numerous venues such as bars, restaurants, cafes and office spaces; we have many of these on file as more specific hire locations.

Contact Deb@silverspoon.com.au for filming location questions.

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